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MAG announcement shows contractors’ need for payroll solutions post-lockdown

The lockdown has officially begun to ease up, with non-essential business set to begin trading from mid-June.

One sector that has continued on throughout the pandemic in various forms, though, is the construction sector.

We’ve previously written about HS2 being given the green light, and the enormous opportunities it brings for contractors from all backgrounds.

Now, with lockdown lifting, a number of other large-scale construction projects are also getting the go-ahead as the industry looks to make up for lost time.

That’s highlighted by the Manchester Airport Group’s (MAG) announcement at the end of May that they had employed four contractor groups as part of its £60 million frameworks scheme.

The framework has been created so professional teams can work across various areas of MAG’s property portfolio. Disciplines include structural engineering, site investigation, BIM design, and other services.

As part of the investment MAG is also searching for contractors including aviation specialists, airport capacity consultants, professionals with experience in airport development management and many others.

The investment and call for contractors is even more noteworthy when considering the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the global travel industry.

MAG has a strategy for its short- and long-term future, with the framework plan expected to be in place for five years. They not only have confidence in the plan, but also in the contractors who will help them execute it.

MAG’s announcement is just one of many across the construction sector in recent weeks, and shows why contractors need to get their payroll in order ASAP.

Contractors will get payroll security with the right PAYE solutions

For instance, the £60 million MAG framework project runs alongside a wider £1 billion transformation of the airport, which could lead to other opportunities for contractors to discover.

Contractors with transferrable skills working for the MAG framework may also be able to find new work on that wider project. That’s also true for contractors on other projects across different disciplines.

After what is likely to have been a fallow period for many contractors, they may now find themselves able to fill a number of opportunities across different sectors as new life is breathed back into the UK.

Those same contractors will also likely have positions discovered for them across different industries from specialist recruitment agents keeping their ears to the ground.

Those contractors, though, will have to fend for themselves when it comes to getting paid and making sure their admin is in order.

The better the contractor handles their admin and payroll, the easier it will be for them to transfer their skills and take on the new opportunities presented to them.

We don’t believe that’s a fair position for contractors to find themselves in, and we want to help.

Working with the right payroll provider, contractors can spend time focusing on their work and building strong relationships with their clients.

In the meantime, their admin and payroll is taken care of in a HMRC compliant way. Contractors partnering with us will also be paid faster and see more take-home pay in their pockets.Our friendly payroll experts are available outside of normal working hours and are always here for you. It’s the Greatpay way. Find out more about how we help contractors by contacting us today.

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