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HS2 news shows the amazing benefits of flexible payroll solutions

Contractors across the UK have come to the country’s aid throughout all of its sectors to help keep businesses afloat and provide their services during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many contractors have pivoted to provide different sectors with their skills and expertise. Contractors in fashion, manufacturing and transport, for instance, have all transferred their skills and come together to create and deliver more personal protective equipment to the healthcare sector.

There are signs that the UK, despite still being under lockdown, is beginning to return to normal. Nowhere is this more apparent than with HS2, the high-speed rail link connecting London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and beyond.

The government has recently given the green light for the construction phase for HS2 to begin, with phase one being given notice to go ahead.

That’s not only good news for contractors in the civil engineering sector, but also for contractors with transferrable skills who might be able to find opportunities to support the project.

Not only will large numbers of construction contractors and engineers be needed on the ground to help actually build the infrastructure, but the very scale of the project will mean contractors with other skills are needed, too.

Those opportunities and more can be found on the official website, where it states skills such as signalling, commercial delivery, document control, legal services and more are needed to help build HS2.

Contractors across the UK need a payroll solution that’s as agile as they are. Find out more by speaking to the Greatpay team.

Cut out the admin with a bespoke payroll solution for you

This isn’t just about HS2. It’s about how contractors have to be agile enough to pivot to transfer their skills and find new opportunities in times of crisis.

While HS2 is a great example, contractors have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to find new opportunities in other sectors. Many of them with the help of recruitment agencies.

When those recruitment agencies find new roles for contractors with transferrable skills, though, contractors are typically left on their own to find payroll solutions and look after themselves when it comes to payment, taxes, admin and more.

For years we’ve worked with recruitment agencies across numerous sectors to provide their contractors with a flexible, bespoke payroll service that helps them get paid on the same day and take home more of their pay.

Those contractors and many others transferring their skills can see greater returns and get paid on the same day with a bespoke payroll solution that works for them.

Greatpay works closely with contractors of all backgrounds to provide fully HMRC compliant payroll solutions for professionals that takes administration from their shoulders, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best.

Our service has been popular with contractors across the UK for years not just because of our flexible nature, but because Greatpay can get contractors more take-home pay when compared against standard umbrella, PAYE and limited company structures.

Our friendly team of financial experts are always available to help contractors, no matter what sector they’re in. It’s the Greatpay way.

Find out more about how Greatpay’s bespoke payroll solutions can help you as a contractor by contacting our team today!

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