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Health and engineering contractors need payroll solutions that work for them

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen the best of Britain come out in a number of ways, not least through its contractors.

At a time of crisis and with worries that the health services wouldn’t be able to cope with the spread of Covid-19, three new hospitals were built in record time to help ease pressure on the health sector.

Three of these high-capacity hospitals were built. Called Nightingale Hospitals, they’ve appeared (so far) in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and have been converted from existing exhibition and conference centres.

And they simply couldn’t have been built in record time without the efforts of contractors coming together to pivot and pool their skills to help.

Health professionals, delivery drivers, civil engineers, construction workers and many other skilled contractors transferred their skills and worked together in an extremely efficient way to help transform conference halls into entirely new hospitals.

Dan Harmer, senior site manager at Interserve Construction, recently told Express & Star how ‘incredible’ the joint effort from those contractors was during the construction of Birmingham’s Nightingale Hospital.

“When we realised we only had nine days (to build it) it was eye-opening… They have been working around the clock – it’s been an 18- or 20-hour day for many of them.

“They’ve never worked together before and normally you’d have a teething period, but every three hours on this job feels like a month.”

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Contractors need efficient payroll solutions for when they pivot

Those contractors won’t stop there, and they and many others like them will continue to pivot and offer their transferrable skills whenever they’re needed.

But while those contractors are transferring their skills to new opportunities during lockdown, they’ll also likely have to handle their own payroll, too.

Pivoting across different sectors and working with new employees can bring a whole lot of payroll-related administration with it, especially if those contractors are finding work through recruitment agencies.

If a contractor finds a role through a recruiter, they’ll usually have to sort out their payroll themselves, whether that’s a standard umbrella company, employee PAYE, limited company or other.

The biggest problem that can bring contractors can be with paperwork and administration. They want to focus on their work and supplying their unique services; complicated admin can put a serious strain on their shoulders.

Greatpay is here to help. Our HMRC compliant bespoke payroll solutions take all the administration from contractors, gets them paid faster and gives them more of their take-home pay.

We’ve worked with contractors and recruitment agencies for years across the UK to become their payroll provider of choice thanks to our flexible service and our team’s friendly approach.

Our friendly financial experts work beyond typical business hours to provide contractors with a payroll service that works for them.

Professionals using Greatpay can get paid on the same day and see more of their pay, while we handle the admin with our fully compliant and structured payroll solutions. It’s the Greatpay way.

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