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Flexible contractors need to get their payroll right during the Coronavirus pandemic

One of the greatest benefits to being a contractor is flexibility. With the right angle, contractors can take their existing skills and find exciting new roles that they can turn their hand to through recruitment agencies.

At no time has this skill been more essential for contractors than during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the economy grinding to a halt, contractors have had to evaluate their services more closely than ever before to pivot and pitch for new opportunities they could be suited to.

It’s been a necessity; Lloyds Banking Group, for instance, announced that during the pandemic, it was to restrict its IT contractor workforce to a three-day billable week to mitigate the virus’s impact on its profits, according to ContractorUK.

They also revealed how the wider IT contractor market has been hit by the effects of Coronavirus, at a time when demand for IT contractors has fallen.

Yet there are still so many positions out there for IT contractors and specialists – amongst others – that recruitment agencies are desperate to fill during the pandemic. Those that can demonstrate flexibility can find themselves working in sectors they may never have considered before.

A lot of major companies across the oil and gas industry, for instance, are exploring what artificial intelligence can offer their business moving forward. Royal Dutch Shell is one such company who not only recruit IT contractors to help them in their efforts, but also use contractors to help them reskill existing workers to better understand artificial intelligence.

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Get your payroll in order for when you pivot

That’s also true for a lot of other sectors that are finding skills shortages for certain roles. Bringing in experienced contractors to help them retrain and reskill their existing workforce is becoming a very valuable service that contractors can provide.

Whatever sector you’re in as a contractor, though, you need to make sure your payroll services and solutions are in perfect working order every time you pivot.

Your recruiter may be able to find you new roles, and different ones where you’re able to repurpose your skills, but one thing will always remain constant; you’re on your own when it comes to sorting and managing how you’re paid.

We don’t believe that’s fair, though. That’s why, for years, our friendly and flexible team has worked with contractors and recruitment agencies across the UK to fully manage their payroll in an HMRC compliant way.

Not only will our friendly and experienced team handle your admin, but we’ll also make sure your paperwork is perfect every time you pivot to a new role, leaving you free to concentrate on your work.

Our services can also guarantee you take home more pay when compared against standard umbrella services, limited companies and employers’ PAYE services.

We also prioritise same-day payments, and are as flexible as you, with our team on-hand to answer any problems outside of traditional office hours.

Payment freedom in a bespoke way, built around you and your needs. It’s the Greatpay way! Contact us today to find out how our payroll services can help you as a contractor.

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