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How contractors on building sites can take home more pay as the pandemic slows

While a number of sectors throughout the UK have ground to a halt during the Coronavirus pandemic, the construction industry is one that has continued in some capacity, and is showing signs of blossoming as the pandemic slows.

Trade body Build UK published numbers at the end of April that shows the UK’s leading contractors are now working on nearly 70% of their sites across England and Wales. The data comes from Build UK contractor members, which includes some of the biggest names in the industry.

81% of Build UK members’ construction sites are open, as are 78% of their infrastructure sites. 46% members housing sites are also “open for business” according to Build UK..

Productivity on these sites looks in good shape, too. Productivity on construction and infrastructure sites averages 67%, according to the data, while construction sites in London are working at 56% output.

It’s good news for contractors in the construction sector, and follows on from the news last month that the HS2 infrastructure project has been given the green light from the government.

There are a huge number of roles for contractors to fill on the HS2 project, from legal to delivery, power distribution and many others.

If the numbers in the construction industry continue along this trend just as lockdown begins to ease, then it points to it being one of the first industries across the UK to return to something resembling normality ahead of other sectors.

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Contractors and payroll – handling the admin as you get back to work

With the construction industry set to be back on its feet soon, contractors will have the opportunity to explore and work on new building projects as demand rises.

The government has recently hinted that austerity will not be the answer to the economic questions posed by Coronavirus. If true, then it’s fair to assume that government infrastructure projects will continue as planned before the pandemic, especially with Phase 1 of HS2 set to begin soon.

Nothing’s certain though, but recruitment agencies we work with in the construction sector say the contractors they partner with are cautiously optimistic for the future.

Which brings something else into the spotlight; payment. With contractors in the construction industry potentially open to more immediate opportunities than workers in other sectors, they’ll have to make sure their payment solutions are as perfect as possible so they can focus on their work.

That’s where Greatpay comes in. We’ve built strong relationships with recruitment agencies across the UK for many years to ensure contractors are ready to get to work straight away without having to worry about payroll and other admin.

We’re as flexible as any and every contractor, and also make sure you get paid on the same day and take home more money at the end of the day when compared against a typical umbrella service or limited company.

Our friendly team is also available outside of usual office hours to help you out. It’s the Greatpay way! Find out more about how we can help contractors by contacting us today.

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