More contractors are considering umbrellas because of IR35 reforms

One of the biggest reasons for the introduction of IR35 reforms to the private sector has been because of the prevalence of Personal Service Companies (PSCs). The Government originally saw the ‘exploitation’ of PSCs as a vehicle for ‘tax avoidance’ when IR35 was first introduced in 2000. Although the term PSC isn’t actually defined in […]

Due diligence is critical to finding the right umbrella company post-IR35

We put heavy emphasis on due diligence when it comes to umbrella companies at Greatpay. Umbrella companies can be hugely beneficial to both new and experienced contractors. A good umbrella can handle a contractor’s admin for them, help keep them tax-compliant, provide same-day payment services and much more besides. The level of service a good […]

IR35 is finally here – How an umbrella can help you out

After years of debate and delay, IR35 reform for the private sector has finally arrived. The legislation finally became active on 6 April 2021, bringing private sector contractors in line with the public sector, and changing the way contracting is done in the UK. First announced in 2018, they were supposed to be implemented in […]

Contractors get ready – IR35 reform is almost here

IR35 reform has been one of the most controversial and confusing sagas ever seen in the legislative world. It’s driven a real wedge between a lot of contractors and their end-clients, has seen groups formed across the UK to protest the reforms, and has been consistently criticised by some prominent MPs. The most amazing thing […]

IR35 confusion reigns – here’s how to become compliant by April 2021

We recently wrote about IR35 and how it’s been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The IR35 legislation – which has existed for over 20 years – was due to be amended this year, focusing on private sector contractors who were deemed as working off-payroll.  From April 2021, as well as contractors having to continue […]