The impact of Covid-19 on UK contractors – how umbrella companies can help

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the United Kingdom. Not just in a public health sense, but in an economical one, too.  Persistent lockdowns across the country over the space of a year has seen the economy take a sizable hit, and seen numerous businesses close their doors permanently. The squeeze has been particularly […]

IR35 hasn’t been lost in Covid legislation – here’s what contractors need to know

Contractors across the UK are finding themselves in a strange position when it comes to IR35. We wrote a warning in April this year that, even during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, contractors and companies still had to make sure they were IR35 compliant by April 2021. Amidst the outbreak of Covid-19, though, and […]

Flexible contractors need to get their payroll right during the Coronavirus pandemic

One of the greatest benefits to being a contractor is flexibility. With the right angle, contractors can take their existing skills and find exciting new roles that they can turn their hand to through recruitment agencies. At no time has this skill been more essential for contractors than during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the economy […]

Don’t let Coronavirus distract you – contractors still need to be IR35 compliant

Just over a month ago, contractors were worried about what the impact of IR35 would have on their lives and careers. How times change – since the coronavirus lockdown, IR35 has (understandably) barely been mentioned in the news. IR35 was a tightening of government legislation aimed toward ‘off-payroll working’. First introduced in 1999, the latest […]

Health and engineering contractors need payroll solutions that work for them

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen the best of Britain come out in a number of ways, not least through its contractors. At a time of crisis and with worries that the health services wouldn’t be able to cope with the spread of Covid-19, three new hospitals were built in record time to help ease pressure […]